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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

215 Years Who'd Remember You?

A couple of hundred years from now would you be remembered? If so by who? Maybe you'd be remembered by family stories handed down from generation to generation, that may shed some light on your current life's history. In the past a family quilt was made in remembrance of family kin, or if and event took place like a flood earthquake drought blizzard ect.. or maybe heirlooms, photos it may ajar past family names. Or a good listening to your elders would do the trick to dig up the past' in which would be your grand kids-kids that whom will be telling your past living story maybe down the road?

However, everyone has a past so therefor people have a history, many of common people somewhat generally know of there family generational history mainly just names and maybe what that person done career-wise.

This is the problem with this oak island treasure hunt there is no substance memory wise when it comes to personal accounts? Basically all we know that past oak island treasure hunters only existed? I refuse to be lost in memory like them, as a treasure hunter this is why I tell of my adventurous oak island experiences, its unforgettable.

A thought into Time.

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