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Friday, October 29, 2010


This is something that I think everyone may have experienced 'dropping food?' I think ice-cream is the common or more famous story people hear? when it comes to dropping food

Would you pick up food and eat it if it fell on the floor? if you did pick up food after you dropped it would you look around and see if anyone's around then pick it up and eat it?

I don't think people in third world countries wouldn't think twice about not picking up food and not eating it? And I am sure man vs. wild guy could care less about nay eating food that fell to the ground in the wilderness? This brings up the situation its where you drop the food that may factor; like washrooms or in some dingy alley I think the the 5 second rule won't apply too. I would guess the most common place that food is dropped is in the kitchen or dinning-room?

And I think guys are more guilty of this act then girls? of committing the minute man 5 second rule in relation to eating food after it has fallen on the ground then chowing down on it?!

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