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Monday, August 23, 2010


Is it possible to contact god via internet? could there be a code embedded in internet technology to talk to god itself? can god talk to us in internet code? god only knows? holy grail- ark of the covenant both ancient devices that is believed to be communication relays to speak to god.

Is there a hand book on how the ark of the covenant could be wield if found? But through my understanding in dream viewing the ark of the covenant it can't be operated without the use of the holy grail cause no mortal could endure the forces with held in the ark of the covenant? The holy grail cup is the catalyst to managing the ark of the covenant.

Is god of extraterrestrial origin, but in religious mortal form for us to comprehend? Beings in other dimensions from other worlds is it possible? I believe it is probable? I must admit there has been experiences of the unexplained that I have witnessed in my lifetime; this is maybe what has gave me anointed knowledge or the ability to figuring out clever unsolvable ciphers?

(In photo above an entity was there in spirit in this house that was of the knights templars statues.)

Engulfed with wisdom through spiritual visions & dreams,

- Keith Ranville

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