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Thursday, August 12, 2010

AREA 51/49

You can expect to rely on personal accounts while enduring the oak island treasure mystery area- 51% is oak isle believed accounts and perhaps 49% is actual evidence found but who really cares? So oak island artefact's can they be trusted as being authentic? Area 51 alien secret deal = oak island it has similar mystery traits to each their own? By saying that, because of arguments on any facts to this treasure hunt there is no real common ground to elaborate the oak island findings as to being factual to the treasure search due to secret b.s and how evidence was handled when dug up overall it was done unprofessional? It would be wise to just resonate with what is visible when reading into oak island, as for historic oak island verbal evidence one should take it as only unexplained rhetoric?

Putting oak island into context' many have attempted to do so, but not without adding grains of salt to there story to evidence or to there chronological events to there oak island explanations? You have to remember the oak island money pit isn't based on legitimatize archaeological factual excavation accounts? With all due respect oak island is or was based on perhaps dubious characters that were willing to lie or add distort to the already possible manufactured truth to the money pit setup done in order to gain lubricious leverage on other treasure hunters that were also searching for the same oak island treasure? This sort of underhandedness is also sadly likewise in metaphor with these oak island websites they are ignorantly blind to new oak island research, and ridiculously they shamefully thrive on the sketchiness information to the oak island money pit treasure hunt, for there sake of gaining fame or for Internet status purposes.

Birch island triangle mystery offers a possible new slate with a archaeological twist to it; hence birch isle differ's better from the oak island mystery's unprofessionalism. Unlike oak island, birch island has a far greater visible attraction to it and its more mysterious than the money pit deception? Birch isle is the finale frontier saga to what's really going on in mahone bay's treasured waters, this native blog adventures dynamically in that direction exclusively.

Its about time we all pull a steven slater from this oak island money pit scheme and head towards the birch island triangle with a cheerful beer in hand!
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- Keith Ranville

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