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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This website is perhaps the most objective oak island website that deals in treasure hunting, its a educational tool in what to expect from other bogus oak island mystery websites that are refereed to as barrels of conceded obnoxious assholes. Money pit six deaths one is needed to die and the treasure will pop out of the ground - thats a load of crap what it should say 6 idiots has died in search of the money pit treasure and one more moron is needed to die so we can get this dam treasure hunt over with? And let me tell you there is no shortages of social-pathetic morons in these oak island forum websites that are more than eligible for the task to die for the cause of idiocy.

What I am saying oak island is so dam frugal or cheap that it has already compromised personal safety in digging for treasure, improper research has also gone into the oak island money pit before any dig takes place? I am just amazed more haven't died in the grasping attempts to find the oak island treasure. This oak island website blog that you are reading is the top brass treasure hunting site in the world, this oak island blog material has an over 5 year investigation period study that dealt in just about every aspect of the oak island mystery and it offers the best theories and new discoveries stemming from the oak island treasure hunt altogether.

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