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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


We may just be extraterrestrial beings and not know it? david icke suspects of world leaders being alien beings lizard like? Alien abductions cattle mutilations ufo sightings whats going on? Are aliens in telepathic communication measures with us maybe through alien implants? The ufo phenomena is something we do not dare discuss openly only because of ridicule. I myself is open to all kinds unexplained matters.

However, I believe as technology moves forward we may have to accept in believing in the alien ufo phenomena, cause we may just be on the path of alien fed technology already, what I am saying alien encounters wont be so eerie if ourselves were not as closely advanced to any such extraterrestrial life forms themselves?

Governments hiding the fact that there is unworldly alien beings among us? This is nothing new, I bet many past ancient civilizations has done the same thing before too among there fellow civilians. The question is why ?Perhaps the fall of many past ancient civilization is due to with a clash with alien beings or maybe alien confrontations with past civilizations it was a shock to the system and rebellions ensued among the people against betrayal people caused by alien manipulation thus maybe this is why the ending happened in the destruction of many past civilization? Will there be another rebel with them with this planets largest civilization ever ?

Why is that I know so much?

- Keith Ranville

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