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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Oak Island theme attraction is it possible Erich von Däniken has a theme park I have my own treasure mystery showcase museum blog on the internet ,ufo, secret societies, ancient mysterious worlds, treasure ciphers, unexplained, conspiracies ect; all intriguing subjects. I am quite satisfied with what I've accomplished in my 5 years of ups and downs in the treasure hunting research field. Las Vegas has a treasure island theme casino Benjamin (Bugsy) segal dream't up las vegas and built the flamingo hotel and ironically the idea ended up killing him? Planet Hollywood there is one in downtown vancouver. British columbia, Canada.

Many movies are based on a treasure island scenario they all include all the trimmings - pirates, villains. romance ect... national treasure was the blockbuster along with captain jack sparrow pirates of the caribbean and indiana jones sequels but can oak island mystery pack the same kind of adventure punch as the movies mentioned? documentary-wise I would say no. But an pirates like treasure hunting movie based on oak islands treasure hunt it can be done.

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