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Sunday, April 24, 2011


First Nations Canadian Natives living in deplorable 3rd world conditions under stephen harper conservatives crappy party 1000 feces buckets sent via island lake reserve communities.

800 water containers plus a 1000 empty human waste black buckets toilets were recently sent to 4 reserves in all to resolve a government water treatment issue. Apparently Chief David McDougall of St. Theresa Point First Nation was given a water treatment crisis situation sent from INAC to address 3 other surrounding isolated native communities around island lake, Manitoba Canada that they will be issued drinking water containers and toilet buckets as a solution to solve the ALREADY four third world reserves pluming problem?

Put him in a body bag

2009 H1N1 health canada supplied actual "body bags" to treat the treatable influenza virus to these same native reservations of island lake first nations. "Isn't that a kick in the face."

Canada is perhaps is the riches country in natural resources globally and yet many Indian and Northern Affairs Canada people lives in third world conditions we'd better get in order our on country Canada before we go hypocritically into other countries and attempted to be perhaps righteous?

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