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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Treasure hunting in nova scotia should there be guidelines to abide by? oak island money pit 7 men dead. [News Bloggers]

The joys of treasure hunting is proven to be deadly in nova scotia’s past so why is there no safety measures taken in the search of treasures, birch island is the latest treasure isle that has many of treasure hunters that are just full of curiosity to know what riches lies beneath its large triangle shape on the island? And there has been many people that already has visited birch island and probably without the landowners permission, many of the many islands in mahone bay n.s are private property and the south shore n.s islands proprietor[s] should be contacted by whomever wants to visit there island? Mr. Christopher Ondaate owns birch island and any request to mineral mine or search for treasure or just visit his island should be asked by him formally? of course there hasn’t been any such doing on asking permission’s to search-explore or dig for treasure on the islands that surrounds the the legendary oak island lately by curious treasure hunters or explorers? and many news reports on the oak island money pit are reluctant to mention that anyone that visits oak island they need landowners permission get on oak island or to enter the many private island that surround the oak island mystery?

The oak island treasure fever seems to not stop the most feverish treasure hunter or fortune seeking prospectors? There are guide lines that you must follow before any such mineral prospect treasure hunting is done on other peoples private property in nova scotia? Like getting the landowners permission to search or dig a meter deep and devaluing there land?

Nova Scotia mineral prospecting landowners rights
Birch island triangle is dense marsh land and I believe there is dangerous toxic gas pockets down below it that could injure or kill anyone that plans to dig there like some over zealous amature treasure hunter. Money pit deadly poison gas tragedy .

”Remember be respectful to other peoples properties you won’t want anyone one day coming and digging up your back-yard out of the blue?”

What Are the prospecting Jurisdictions?

There are many jurisdictions across Canada and the regulations covering mineral exploration are largely similar, but with regional differences. Normally, ownership of the surface land is separate from ownership of the sub-surface (including mineral rights). So, just because someone owns the surface does not mean they own the sub-surface mineral rights below the land?
Privately owned land includes, among others, farmland, city land, and Aboriginal-owned lands, including Indian Reserves. Access to privately owned lands is prohibited unless consent is given and compensation is paid to the surface rights holders. Nova Scotia laws may vary
Department of Natural Resources
Drilling For Mineral Exploration Notification / Registration

Department of Natural Resources
Mineral Exploration: Licence
Before the licence is issued:
The applicant is required to submit Licensee Information (Form #7).
Proprietorship / Partnership / Syndicated Corporate applicants must be registered with the Registry of Joint Stock Companies

Warning Before work begins:
“The applicant requires the landowner permission before entering on any land for purposes of exploration.”

In case of crown lands: The applicant needs permission of the Land Administration Division of the N.S. Department of Natural Resources.
For drilling, a drilling notification form is required.
For pitting / stripping by mechanized means or by manual means at depths greater than 1 meter, Mineral or Treasure Trove: Excavation Registration, N.S. Department of Natural Resources, is required. This Registration is also required for any underground exploration work.
All work conducted pursuant to this Registration must be done in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Environment Act, and all other pertinent legislation.

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