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Friday, July 08, 2011


Casey Anthony news media circus kangaroo court "Winning" is HLN tabloid lawyers & witnesses jurors alike they're murderers of society media wise.

Even the losers out of this unfortunate murder trial will become famous in this media blood lust news lusting, thus witch hunt.

Running Man or woman there is no escape from the news media concerning any event big or small story, cause its all about ratings money or greed for them$ news tabloid characters, sure the news tabloids [cough HLN] act like they care about the little victim (Caylee anthony) the baby girl behind the latest casey anthony murder trial that was recently won by her and her legal team, but folks what it all boils down to is ratings money for the news media' if anyone actually cared about there wrongs of this mocked courtroom made for tv drama involving the people verses Casey Anthony they should just turn off there tv and go to a another program? like another reality television show theirs plenty of them out there?

I knew the prosecutors were going to to lose I said it before the jury was out on my facebook

The Running Man Youtube trailer Staring Richard Dawson and
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Simpsons Bart Lawyers up

Casey Anthony latest news


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