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Friday, December 10, 2010


9/11 attacks, john f. Kennedy(s) assassination conspiracies cover-ups America feds can contain, wikileaks a conspiracy of all time? this book is not closed yet on the internet concerning-Julian Assange vs. the American government. As this internet international hacking brawl is at front row seats to all see by internet users world wide its kind of funny how is out of service but is now revered the most famous website in the world? A mirror website just appeared on beneath called just WikiLeaks I guess its a mirrored site its reads (Above in Picture)

The internet is a new frontier or perhaps the wild west days of world wide communications technology; wikileaks released a news kind of hell on earth by them providing truthful documents concerning world relations between the America government officials and the rest of the world. Internet hardcore journalism seems like the new crime of the century it makes the people vs. larry flynt look like a simple social network squabble?

The true enemy has not yet shown his face

China cyber hacked into the american sophisticated computers and google just recently and the american government blames china on the incident? And there's nothing America can do about it, they can't go to war with them? China practically own the u.s the u.s owes china about 2 and half trillion dollars. I see a more than a debt war on the rising sun for America. I think america knows of a impending global catastrophe event that will more than likely wipe out any financial dept.

Jaguar Fire God Lives

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