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Thursday, December 09, 2010

WikiLeaks Cyber World War III

As I predicted "war" after the U.S opened a new can of worms on hacking the internet, visa-mastercard cyber-attacked in retaliation of WikiLeaks Julian Assange jailed & a now martyr of hacktivism a worldwide sleeper group awakened and now its probably growing in numbers in light of Julian Assange been jailed and his internet accounts getting hacked closed by using American cyber technology? These retaliation to the u.s internet hacking could hamper online shopping in its peak season ect..

I don't believe there is no putting the jeannie back in the bottle on this new hacking war waged on the internet, after the U.S McCarthyism Communist actions done to the internet recently. America has been irresponsible in decision making lately like going rushing into iraq based on bogus information and now this with them hacking websites and raising there fists in the air in anger "whats done is done?" What the U.S should of done in the first place was cut there losses on the wikiLeaks cable information leaked to the press and then beef up there need to know secure private or confidential information on there diplomacy interactions.

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