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Sunday, December 26, 2010


September 11th 2001 airplane attacks on the wtc, pentagon were probably staged to prevent a paradox, futuristic technology may have prevented the initial attacks but a time ripple effect would of have threatened our existence if 9/11 never happened?

This 9/11 theory does sound like science fiction, but then why else would anyone(s) in the u.s government would orchestrate such a hideous event to there own country unless it was meant to happen? (Theory) But maybe the original terror plot on America was already intercepted by using like a secret CIA-sponsored project called Stargate but to later only to know this was going to cause a large paradox in time or change the course of our future's history in a dire negative away.

In the wtc second airplane attack there seems to have been some kind of alien technology intervention involved in at least to one airplane crashing into one of the world trade center buildings. Or ufo action reported happening around the tragic September 11th wtc event times.

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