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Sunday, December 19, 2010


H.A.A.R.P Does government funded mad scientist's hold planet earth in there hands by manipulating earths vital energies?

We and all living things are in balance with mother earth, if you mess with that relationship expect to see a deathly domino effect happen. HAARP experiments is like saying the kids have found another pack of matches to play with since the early thermal nuclear days. We are perhaps the earths only worse enemy threat maybe we are better off annihilated from all the rest of the natural occurring creatures on this planet' we are to full of destruction and are slowly chocking this world from its natural way of giving life..

The hopi prophecy I believe is referring to the aftermaths of the HAARP's messed up experiments, and who's to say other countries are not doing the same secret dangerous experiments to earth. I see a recipe for disaster god forbid other countries HAARP's secret experiments don't jive together simultaneously with the united states mad scientists experiments like in some more negative ignorant way.

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