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Friday, December 17, 2010


VANCOUVER BC - Homeless alcoholics gets happy hour treatment every 90 minutes, study says it will alleviate the stress on the health-care system. Free heroin methadone why not booze? At taxpayers expense too.

Free liquor drinks on the house and the Canadian government buying the rounds "cheers". I was wondering when a better mousetrap treatment for alcoholics was going to happen, detouring someone from using abstinence from liquor for someone that's not interested in giving up the high life is not the solution. "Especially after all" the Canadian government deals booze legally as enablers to alcoholics which makes matters worse for alcoholics? Cause if you really think about it the government they are the actual real problem to the cause to all peoples alcohol problems in Canada. Raising the price of alcoholic beverages then you would most likely see a spike the crime rate in Canada or British Columbia - like when the b.c provincial government plans to do?

Satire drinking film

So is the hair of the dog the solution to treat anyone that has a drinking problem some may disagree, but if it saves on health-care why not give it try. Actually the canadian taxpayers will save on the cost of treatment centers hospital visits long term medical care ect.. in the long run. The government happy hour effect it seems to have worked in Ontario where they serve alcohol every 90 minutes where that booze addicts program is still ongoing.

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