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Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Oak Island Nova Scotia a treasure hunt easy to follow, its characters involved that are off the hook bizarrely? Latest mystery news tied into one crazy carnival of foolish behaviors.

Over the last few years many people oddly tried to monopolize on the oak island treasure hunt on the internet? We may never know the full intent of the reason why some oak island unsavory characters tried to strong arm the oak island mystery as there own? There is something about "treasure" that schemes the mind into provoking boyish behaviors and one can see this played out over the last few years on the google internet friend foe making search engine.

Is oak island internet rants just another money pit distraction? Smoke and mirrors & treasure hunting whatever takes the focus off the treasure search, many army training exercises often have screaming yelling distractions this is only done to prevent you from folding while under certain pressures while in the field of battle.

A verbal gauntlet is best to describe this oak island mystery investigation experience after a ongoing five year study on the money pit, and of reporting my publications writings on daily to weekly bases publically 2005-2010-11.

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