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Friday, February 18, 2011


Nova Scotia Canada- treasure hunters will have to fork all findings to the provincial government law will only promote illegal relic hunting historical artifact will get smuggled out of canada and sold to private artifact dealers by treasure hunters.

Does the nova scotia government expect to treasure hunters to pay for the cost and the risk of life in searching for treasure wrecks or even buried treasure? I don't mind historical items been kept in curators control in museums. Nova scotia should make government grants easily obtained if this is the case of putting the Jesse James to treasure hunters?

Well this new law of the government takes all treasure finds and gives it to the people don't bother me. What really concerns me is what the museum of natural history in Halifax has in there possession? I know they have valuable information that could recover many treasure's and they know it?

In my time in nova scotia in 2005 I visited the museums out there and my investigations led me to believe museum curators are not up front with anything they have in confidence. But I would bet what they have hidden in there museums will help get to the bottom of any wrecks buried treasures what so ever.

As for me and searching for treasure of any kind its the notoriety that I normally want and its quite satisfying to me to have, otherwise I'lled probably not be so up front with my research findings.

I believe the nova scotia government knows there is something really big in the midst of finding something of extreme value on the horizon in nova scotia.

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