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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Egypt, Cairo-
a direct link from ancient Egypt to America inclusive evidence that Egypt’s lost ancient secrets are in USA. New port tower beholds ancient Egypt’s past astronavigation also known as Celestial navigation should unlock planet earth’s mysterious past.

File:Marine sextant.svg

astronavigation also known as Celestial navigation should unlock planets earths mysterious past.

How this egypt america code breaking should work by using a Celestial navigation tool at point of triangles in egypts and at mysterious newport thus birch island triangle alignment with edge of tahrir square circle and newport castle circle and right angle of birch island (oak Island triangle)we should get some sort sequences of relating star alignment or earth destination combination.

Ingenious genius Work at play here, What happened in the past on earth is going to happen again soon, whomever(s) designed this part of Egypt hence, designed newport castle too in the U.S someone knows something about this code or did at one time. Code breaking Tutelage – Like what the Americans recently said to the Egyptians the people must work things out for themselves? Same here with understanding our ancient past and for to a preparation to a global paranormal event to take place; some enlighten supreme beings are perhaps saying the same to us in code. That we must work things out for ourselves to carry on. Unscripted Research


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