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Thursday, February 03, 2011


Many people have tried to change the face of egypt like napoleon his troops is believed to have disfigured the sphinx's face? Latest Egyptian uprising faceless dictator brutally corrupts Egypt & induces violence on to its own people.

Egypt's ancient past has been plagued with destruction and ensued battles among them selves and with to others in the middle east over the many centuries. Is it fair to say with all that is going on in the middle east we are at a time of rumors of war's that could disrupt the whole world economically in a short time. It may be all quiet on the western front for now for north Americans but with our dependency on oil its should matter to us in whats going on in the middle east crisis to our pocket books, or should I say it will have something to do with the price of butter metaphorically speaking?

"Man fears time, but time fears the Pyramids."

My interest in Egypt is its ancient history and its treasures and what surrounds it and also not to mention its spectacular timeless pyramids that with stood many wars/battle confrontations in there past, where of all places to ignite a finale battle but there in the middle east ? Maybe man really does fear time for the middle east is where time may prelude an end of time for man neared to the pyramids. Prince of darkness will open the final seal to Armageddon soon? Jaguar God of the underworld enlighten spirit.

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