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Saturday, February 05, 2011


Preceding a global catastrophe America will begin a rapture Egypt's latest uprising was a drill exercise to a American Apocalypse. People mysteriously missing news Internet black outs people getting killed in the streets with no follow up to there aftermath?

These unfortunate situation will begin like whats happening in Cairo has anyone notice there was no followup by the news on the conditions of the people who got mowed down by speeding vehicles in cairo into crowds of people? journalists quitting cause of them forced to deliver in accurate news to the public (80 million+)? americans and canadians leaving there place in egypt at a moments notice or disappearing in the minds of unknowing of whats going on by egyptians with about 79 million people not even knowing of egypts uprisings cause of media black outs. It just seems surreal or well scripted in whats going in in egypts I believe america will have a simalar endgame situation but a more elaborate one?

2012 May just be a relatity watch out for the signs

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