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Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Terror in the streets in Egypt once again journalists get caught up in the uprising cnn's anderson cooper gets roughed up aswell, Egypt's riot is taking no prisoners anti-pro mubarak's clash at a once peaceful demonstration that turned bloody deadly as the u.s's bought and paid for egyptian army just stands by carelessly.

As I mentioned in previous posts "middle eastern man in masonic Denver airport mural" is the faceless dictator causing the violent slash and burning of the recent Egyptian cities by using his anonymous thug instigators to cause anarchy in the Egyptian streets like Cairo. Something tells me this Egyptian uprising is long from being over this is something that will spread through the middle east like influenza over time like a domino effect.

Could of barack obama's freedom speech in Egypt prior to his presidency speech be the cause of these middle eastern uprisings? All that I can say there is no bartering with dictators. Mubarak is the cause of the bloody violence in Egypt's cities I foreseen this and showed it in mural pictures in hand.

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