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Monday, March 28, 2011


Egypts ancient pyramids not 10,500 years as theorized pyramids shafts sphinx star aligned to-civilizations-arrival?

Time, times and half, :Daniel referring to the three great pyramids of egypt.

(Above in Diagram)

How ancient egypt would of looked 10,500 years ago? but without out the pyramids thus sphinx. 10,500 B.C is perhaps how old is ancient egypts civilization arrival to Egypt however that may have been done, the linage age of the great pyramids its age is recorded in egypt's elaborate astrogeometry designs in regards to constellations leo,orion. So archaeologists may be accurate in dating the actual age of the great pyramids of ancient Egypt on being around 4,500- 5,000 years old?

After all king Solomons temple is planned to be rebuilt once permission is granted? Do you think Solomons temple then would be built other than to is plans from ancient scriptures. This would of went asame for the ancient Egyptians there plans of the great pyramids and sphinx to the age they would of been made to the era in which the plans were most likely designed by there past priests or the great geometry wizard of the universe.

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