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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Saturday Night Fever march 19th 2011 brings in the fullest moon since 1993 disasters? is it a coincidence natural disasters started up around this time frame? and the next brightest full supermoon will be on Nov.14,2016 in about another five long years when nothing will be the same.

From my Iphone film footage I seen no difference in the moons phase from Vancouver B.C it seemed normal and kinda small to average of a full moon to me? it may have been different for others elsewhere. But I am looking to the cosmic stars these days they will provide signs of things to come in time I think the earth is lashing out in desperation against us for our disrespectful neglect to our planets environment.

We are poisoning our planet thus ourselves, think about it?

Keith Ranville

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There is more than likely unworldly phenomena all around us, our perception hasn't evolveď to that level yet to read into the spiritworld!

I think the world of this planets inspiring emotional energies

Notice the fights were scheduled on a full moon this is not by coincidence rome perhaps done likewise in there gladiator days. Are you not entertained. Observer

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