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Monday, March 21, 2011


CNN fabricating news to inspire bogus rebels in Libya simulated by America's propaganda war for oil in middle eastern countries. Conspiracy is these rebels in Libya with weapons fighting there own government' wouldn't this be a terrorist act that the U.N is supporting? And where did the libya rebels get these weapons all a sudden to over throw there government?

What if this rebel situation was going on in the united states or even the u.k, france, canada ect. and a uprising was brewing up in the west or European governments and weapons just seemed to have drop from the sky to battle the u.n's countries attacking libya right now, would that be a act of terrorism just what or who are the terrorist these days since wct 911?

People don't be "fooled" this or these fantasy wars trumped up by the u.s.a is one big sham to get Saudi Arabia's oil. I am not the only one that feels this way, I think America is pitching us a gullible kids story to us using cnn news as there fake news to lie to us! just what really is going on in the middle east don't believe CNN its your most untrusted news source.

Imperialism, New World Order ect; Something is not right thats going down in the middle east it'll lead us into world war 3, perhaps a coo is brewing by other countries like russia china..? right now against the bribed corrupted U.N

Keith Ranville


Video details below.

Video youtube by 2012 tv - CNN News fictional depiction of 'rebels', fake war, phoney invented rebel uprising. CNN fantasy world news reporting.

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