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Monday, April 12, 2010


A oak island film of any kind; cbc's land and sea propaganda production is a attempt to construe you away from first nations capabilities & endeavors. Are we led to believe peoples ventures should be categorized just to there culture? In my case I think its been done to me, by cbc not acknowledging myself as a treasure hunter in there new oak island film because I am a first nations native indian, but they proudly portray some caucasians in this oak island land and sea film and then not mentioning or having first nations involvement to oak island? And with cbc very well knowing that there is a popular first nations man involved in this treasure hunt?

I myself would not be so caring in cbc's ignorant behavior in there oak island land and sea film, but we are talking about "cbc canadian broadcasting corporation a government run institution the canadian people pay there taxes to them", and then they go around treating people unfairly because of there indifferent canadian culture. They endorsed people from another country than before there own country in this land and sea oak island film, like before first nations oak island achievements in-which was never mentioned in this new controversial oak island film flop of cbc's.

I honestly believe cbc turned on its country, and wrongly treated the first nations people country wide with malicious intent to undermined what first nations people are actually capable of doing in a caucasian dominated world. If this nonsense cbc land and sea film was to be a journalistic look, like into doing a cover story on oak island then they biasly failed by them leaving out a popular first nations element to this oak island treasure hunt. A oak island theory that is responsible for giving new oak island mystery in mahone bay n.s with a new treasure island discovery "Birch Island" since 2005 - its been keeping people's minds inquiring' worldwide.

A cbc letter of resentment

- Keith Ranville of First Nations

Canadian Cree First Nations Leading Oak Island Treasure Hunter/Researcher

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