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Monday, April 26, 2010

Don’t Chat to Aliens, Says Stephen Hawking

Whats you talking about hawking's, aliens should never be approached cause it maybe dangerous says stephen hawking - british astrophysicist, extraterrestrial life is almost a real possibility mr. hawking claims? Mr. hawking goes on to say, the search exploration for alien life should be a avoidance instead of a contact quest, because any possibility of alien life that would come to earth would be a visit to our lives to dominate, and to take our planets resources.

68 year-old stephen hawking compares a alien visit to earth would be as equal to christopher columbus coming to the new world, things did not work out to good for the native americans? The astrophysicist stephen hawking is confined to a wheelchair and suffers from ALS also known as lou gehrig's disease and communicates through computer technology via a electronic voice synthesizer.

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