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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The dimensional square block is perhaps the key to the universe a hexagon situated on Saturn a box_swirls_in-it? The core to planets maybe more mysterious than we know? Saturn's hexagon tells us that earths beginning's had to begin this way, I think the sun is going to burn brighter to accommodated a new world life on saturn soon. As I was sittting at the mall pondering on my research thesis today I felt a tap on the shoulder but nobody was there also when I looked back and this large cubes statue was there and that what was on my mind in general at the time? Hexagon box theory we are heading into a golden age soon, when FACTS BECOME STRANGER THEN FICTION I'LL BE THERE TO MAKE SENSE OF THINGS

Here's a video that was sent email to me via William G that thinks somewhere down the lines of me in principle ?

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