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Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Operation Geronimo Native Man Breaks Code As Osama Bin Laden's to G. W Bush's Obsession-&-also-Geronimo's-Ancestor? Navy Seals extraction of Bin Laden out of Abbottabad Pakistan may have been a 2012 golden goose election tool for the barack obama administration like how osama bin laden was for g. w bush's fear election scheme that stemmed from the controversial 911 terror attacks then the off course hunt for bin laden went off direction to iraq a far from where 0sama bin laden was stationed or had any ties too? [oil hunt scheme]

Is America that much safer since the reported death of osama bin laden? the aftermath of bin laden's supposedly death may have been handled to suspiciously secretly by the commander and chief barack obama? any photo's film footage of osama bin Laden's hunt down is perhaps now maybe believed to have time to be doctored photo shopped or questionable for anyone knows, but by conspiracy theorists it'll be like another government alien autopsy scrutiny episode to entertain or fiction us further?

CONSPIRACY THEORISTS BELIEVE THAT OSAMA BIN LADEN WAS ALREADY DEAD? I am skeptical of American dealings ever since 911 and the dead Kennedy assassinations ect..

America still fears al Qaeda after the reported death of osama bin laden and yet they still act like scared kids, Americans have to learn how to man up and not fear terrorists or Muslims extreme religious feed back they are "evils murders" nothing more like tommy lee jones said in one of his movie quotes " I don't bargain" this is how I feel about terrorists organizations I don't care anything what those scumbags think woe wise, hey Benito Albino Mussolini was stoned spat on and hung up side down by angry civilians after he was through causing crap there was no love lost there in that incident.

My enemy of my enemy is my friend is how politics goes

George w. bush mean Geronimo in the code to get osama bin laden there is something in this bin laden killing that just don't add up from his body [burial at sea]

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Operation osama bin laden dead code name Geronimo

Logic don't apply to politics

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