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Thursday, May 12, 2011


Manitoba or Mississippi rivers over-flowing, we must look to ancient solutions to this natural water works crisis? dikes, sandbagging is it really the answer? Ancient aqueducts idea may offers a possible solution to these recent river crisis in Canada and America, I believe the rate of the flow of water is important in maintaining the constant rivers behaviors without them being congested, So I would imagine perhaps maybe speeding up the flow of the rivers water at strategic area's of the rivers lengths and maybe cutting through snake like zigzag lengths of rivers patterns may help in dealing with this over flowing river issue? [The Right Balance of flow of Water ]

Dropping the rivers bottom beds down in slanted like staircase would help in controlling the rivers distribution of water flowing down river its when the water slows this is when water swells rivers? You don't see ancient aqueducts over flowing back then cause if they were to over flow it would be at the mouth of the Ancient aqueducts like they were once designed to do so?



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