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Saturday, May 21, 2011


The recent end of the world scenario turns out to be basically a bizarre rant as I thought so? I am prophetic a_vancouver_airplane_crash will validate my Michel Nostradamus abilities.

I believe the sun holds the key to understanding the universe many past ancient civilizations held such a high regards to the sun to so much as calling it the sun god. Were they wrong in worshiping the sun or maybe we are right with believing in religion based on the jesus story in which jesus king of the jews was taken out of context of Egyptian mythology/ hieroglyphs, plus the bible is very controversial? and the sun is the life to of planet earth the sun serves a better purpose than the bible on the merit of that sun it gives life to the our plant earth unconditionally plus religion is all about money if you really think about it and many wars or people have been killed in our past were caused by religious powers?

Its not a question if my prophecy will ever happen its a question when? and if its prevented that may cause a paradox and perhaps cause a end of world scenario?

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