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Saturday, May 07, 2011


Many native tribes believe man came from within the earth & there is a world deep beneath our hollow planets core?

It's just not native cultures whom believe in this mysterious notion that we originated from deep inside the earth other ancient cultures likewise did too, like the ancient Egyptians, ancient Greeks, Norseman and even the Mayan and who knows this is perhaps where the ancient Mayans and there lost treasures vanished to deep beneath the earth when the Spanish Europeans ransacked there civilizations for gold?

Journey to the center of earths story may be truer that we think?

Reference :

Are Native American Indians
descendents of a race of
Subterranean Dwellers ?

  • The Hopi believe that this world we live in is the Fourth World and the other three are inside the earth.

  • The Navajos believe that they emerged at a place known only to them in the Navajo Mountains.

  • The Oneidas point to a hill near the Oswego River falls of New York as their birthplace.

  • The Witchitas say they rose from the rocks around Red River.

  • The Aztecs feel that they were one of seven tribes that came out of the caverns of Aztlan.

  • The Zuni believe that, "in the old days all men lived in caves in the center of the earth".

  • The Mandan tribes of the Sioux believe that their nation lived in a subterranean village near a vast lake.

  • According to the Pawnee story of creation "All living things came from under the ground".

  • Chekilli, the head chief of the Creeks Indian tribes said "The earth opened in the west, where it's mouth is. The earth opened and the Creeks came out".

  • My Dreams tell me there is something to this story.

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