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Saturday, May 07, 2011


Osama bin laden a CIA agent patsy fall guy to 9/11 terror plot that cia orchestrated osama bin laden CIA Agent? America blew up its own trade centers and pentagon, and also the cia were next doors keeping tabs and protecting osama bin ladens safe house? This is why the navy seals mission was so secretive they weren't worried about the Pakistan government they were more worried about the own government the cia.

The cia plot objective to to destroy the u.s trade centers and pentagon, the cia weren't indeed on the real hunt for bin laden cause because osama bin laden was one of there own a cia field agent. In fact the navy seals commandos were unsure if they even caught osama bin laden? cause they were not even sure that he was tall enough to be bin laden there must of been other doubts in the navy seals minds that would of casted other doubts that they may have got the wrong man? he may have been the wrong man that is why the man the navy seal commandos killed now sleeps with the fishes killed and dumped gangster styled?

U.S Government Conspiracy

- Keith Ranville


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