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Sunday, December 02, 2007


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Oak Island Mystery--The mysterious spirit ghost that in-habits Oak Island introduces himself again, the image on the skull stone was the first introduction' the impression of the ghost spirit in the Oak Island landscape is his newest introduction. Paranormal activity is what goes on in Oak Island and Mahone bay N.S area, my research includes these phenomena's it's not easy to dismiss these going ons? Images seem to turn up through out my research and in my dreams, It appears that there is a ghostly entity on Oak Island he is territorial and knows the full explanation of the Oak Island mystery. These mysterious images on Oak Island stones and landscapes are signs that are interpretations of the spirit ghosts story. My Oak Island investigations has some sort of unexplainable deceptions, this phenonema is a maze of confussion' made too swirl with the rubarb in the minds of treasure hunters? the spirit ghost is a trickster' although the image of the spirit ghost was first found in the center of the christain cross on Oak Island this does leads me to believe that this Oak Island spirit is ritualistic. (Blackbeard once quoted himself that only Satan himself new where his treasure spoils were stashed). I don't think this is Satan on Oak Island he is a guardian and probaly responsible for orb energy and for the tampering of treasure hunting equipment and so on. His home is his castle and he is king of of his surroundings, he holds the secrets to the here' after, the spirit entity also holds a ancient book of the dead' (eternal life) as you can see he can make his own image on stone and landscape? as warnings to mortals to let anyone to know who's the boss.

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These phenomena's are my reports from my investigations there is something mystic in this research of mine, there is a very powerful spirit on Oak Island he has being there for a long time' (sleeping giant). The Oak Island spirit ghost decides what goes on' on Oak Island, I felt his energy and it's quite powerful' I do feel it's energy channeled through me at various times. The Island is his home that is where his heart is, the spirit ghost once lived in our world and had a wife (Princess) and had a pet dog as a trusty guardian companion. His hand was cut off and he had a hook for a hand durring his mortality, his story is explained in images' this is some of Oak Islands unknown history told by me.

In the image X is a guy scatching his head with a hook' saying to use your head and Y is a girl that is hook guys squeeze. This is in the skull image on the skull stone it is a little faded, but I imagine so after so many years, this is very intiguing even to myself.

I believe this Oak Island spirit is watching over me and was guiding me through-out my research journey' I know' I must have a connection to this spirit in this world' this is his energy that's attracting people to my work. There is a purpose to all this Oak Island research of mine, this is not like investigating any other ancient place because there spirits are long being gone? Oak Island is still alive and well spirited' it's a ancient spiritual place this is what makes this mystery decipherable. Oak Island has being visited by many spiritual groups of the world in the past and they made a offering to the meaning of Oak Island, the offerings are in shrined in Mahone Bay? Any on-going Oak Island expeditions should be done with such care and things should be checked double checked (murphies law what can go wrong will wrong). Many Oak Island treasure hunters work very hard to get any noteriety if any' I do feel fortunate to come along this far along in my research to put my research flag into this Oak Island treasure mystery with a abundance of noterity earned from my achievements "my spiritual connection to this mystery is the edge to solving this enigma". NATIONAL TREASURE HUNTER


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