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Sunday, November 25, 2007



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Oak Islands stone triangles ultimatum meaning correlates to the Bermuda triangle; Atlantic Ocean floor turns up new evidence that supports an oak island connection to the famous Bermuda triangle. The Bermuda triangle has been a mystery for some time; some people claim it’s a time portal vortex or a universal transportation gate. If the Bermuda triangle mystery is linked to the famous Oak Island triangle then the answer to one of the worlds most unanswered mystery lays in the birch Island treasure triangle? The Oak Island triangle should be on the top of the list on any Atlantic mystery. The Oak Island treasure mystery is a piece of a much larger puzzle; these are interesting times for the Oak Island mystery? The Oak Island mystery is being decoded with logical ongoing research this triangle theory will eventually take us into a golden age of a new understanding about ourselves. The benefits from the treasure triangle will be limitless in solving any world crisis, we have to take this new Oak Island triangle mystery more serious if we want to advance to a more optimal way of life.

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