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Sunday, December 23, 2007


First Nations News: Could the Oak Island treasure mystery be shrouder in First Nations culture traditions, I have made a interesting relative theory to a First Nations connection to the famous Oak Island treasure mystery. The Oak Island stone bouldered cross is approximately N/W of the Money pit' the center stone is most intriguing of the stone boulders it is the source of the meaning of the mystifying stone enigma. There is a answer to the working of Oak Island and the Native North Americans holds the key to exercising the Oak Island energy through ceremonial ritual' in most Native traditional spiritual sweat lodges' red hot stones would be placed in the center pit of the sweat lodge in a ritualistic coordinate direction pattern; the first stone is the Grandfathers (Great Spirit) this is the center stone, then the second stone is put at a easterly position for spring for carrying prayer to the creator then the third stone is positioned south for the summer season and well-being the fourth stone is placed west for the fall, the fifth stone is the winter stone and is placed north where the Great white buffalo is in images. There's other interpretations of spiritual sweats but they are relativity similar in directional patterns to each other's Native clan' depending on the Native tradition. The sweat lodge entrance is always east and a offering is always needed upon entering' tobacco is the norm

In dream searching' the answer to understanding the Oak Island mystery is in Native Traditions? These stones on Oak Island are positioned in a north, south, east, westerly direction like they were un perfectly tossed there like how the stones would be put in sweat lodge pit and then the center stone is the one with images' so it's the talking stone in pictures. The theory goes that a large bon fires was lit against these Oak Island stones as they heated up they increased in energy-radiating towards the skull stone (center) and then a door way would open east to the skull stone (center) this is the easterly direction of the boulder cross this direction will lead into the spirit world, this is with-in theory of Native sweat lodge traditions and from my own spiritual experiences in sweat lodges.

The Oak Island stones are already energized, they may just need to be re-activated. The Oak Island stone cross is just a larger ceremony setup' as to a Native traditional spiritual sweat lodge but it's a much more powerful' gateway into the spiritual world. By looking at the images on the skull shape stone in the center of the Oak Island stone cross' this is who is in the other side in this spiritual vortex. Since this is a treasure mystery on North American soil then the answer to Oak Island should be in the indigenous culture of the people of the land. Like Native ritual the Oak Island stone boulders should be heated in sequence the center flat skull stone is the door way and is where one mortal would stand or enter during ceremony with a offering of truth and wisdom' of ones self, this is where mystic forces dwell.

If this is the answer to this treasure mystery then the answer lies in another dimension in another world that exists along side our own physical world' that's open to who-ever it summons.


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