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Monday, January 07, 2008


(Oak Island Treasure News Narrator)
What treasure is large enough to bring a young Franklin Delano Roosevelt to the island with a pick and shovel in hand, or cause the great matinée idol Errol Flynn to leave the luxury of Hollywood for the cold and mud of a obscure island is this the repository of the worlds greatest single treasure or just some 18th century engineer's idea of a practical joke-- Just off the coast of Nova Scotia lies a tiny blip of land called Oak Island, it would be hard to imagine a more none descript piece of real estate. Yet here on this mile long' half mile long chunk of dirt that sticks out of the Atlantic barely 35 feet fortunes have being squandered, and so far six live have been lost' in search of what?

Thats one of the more amazing parts of this mystery no one even knows what they are looking for oh'' there are theories to be sure, but the bottom line is nobody knows? That's what makes the mystery of Oak Island one of the most convene-eluded puzzling, strange, yet true stories we had ever encountered. It all began in 1795 by a teenager named Daniel McGinnis noted a depression under the out stretch branch of one of the Oak trees from which the island that it originally took its name. Daniel and two friends that he had persuaded to join him quickly discovered that someone indeed in the distant past had gone through a great deal of trouble to dig the pit' that they were now uncovering. Every ten feet they encountered another oak floor solidly anchored in the sides of the pit, by the the time they reached the third floor and in spite of dizzying visions of buried treasure they realize they were over there heads both literally and figuratively.

Curiously that seemed to end the boys adventure' they just gave up, for the next seven years the pit the boys that just only began to uncovered layed undisturbed. But rumors in-bounded but some of them were quite sinister. There was talk of a curse on Oak Island that might not sound far fetched as it sounds, when you begin to learn about the island's tragic history?

(Bill Milstead – Investor-Oak Island Exploration Company)
''yeah'' well one of the main legends is that there is a pack of dogs on the Island ''aww'' with fiery eyes that roam the island to protect the treasure pit also a crow that is maybe the embodiment of some other spirit supposedly he watches over the money pit, we also got the legend that the treasure will never be found until seven people have died so far six have died. Perhaps that the most famous legend' is no one will find the treasure until every Oak tree on the island is gone and as of right now there is one.

(News Narrator)
In spite of legends and curses, men keep on pouring there lives and fortunes into this hole in the ground, why' some researchers thinks its nothing more than a sink hole. If that is true its a sink hole that fooled a lot of people, the boys eventually convinced others that there was something of value buried on the island in 1803 they returned to the original pit but as hired hands with the Onslow company. The Onslow company brought to the island a full compliment of men and equipment believing they can quickly find what ever treasure that to be found. The crew began to dig McGinnis and his two friend's that was among them and amazingly they continued to find layers of oak logs at each new ten foot depth. But they also encountered layer's of charcoal, putty and a fibrous material that fired there imagination, it was strands of coconut fiber used by ships to protect valuable cargo. To this point they only found clay and oak logs, but the coconuts fibers gave them new hope' since there wasn't a coconut tree in 15 hundred miles, someone from distant shores must had to of brought it there.

(Lionel Fanthorpe Co-Author of Oak Island Mystery)
''herold'' walker was working in the money pit at the time, told his grand-daughter that he saw bushels of substance' that later was identified as coconut fiber being taken out of the shaft, now that was strange' because the nearest coconuts were 15 hundred miles away.

(News Narrator)
Here to at about the ninety-foot level, they uncover a large flat stone with two lines of strange geometric symbols inscribed on it? A inverted triangle followed by a inverted triangle with two di-angles lines through it, followed by a slash with tiny circles above and below the line, another triangle and a downward pointing arrow.

The inscription was shown to language professor (James Leitchi) at the university of Halifax (Dalhousie University), who translated the markings as saying; Forty Feet Below Two Million Pounds Are buried. A translation that would be confirmed years later to a reference by Edgar Allen Poe (1809-1849), But that wasn't the only translation.

Keith Ranville's Leading Money Pit Stone New Descriptive Translatations

(Old English Chap)
The writing' "ah" translated to the English is from the writing from the Coptic Christians and now the Coptic Christians were the very early Christians' and they were linearly descended from the ancient Egyptians. The inscription is translated by Doctor Berry fell and it reads; “The people shall not forget the Lord to offset the hardships of winter and the onset of plague.. The Arif, he shall pray to the Lord.” Now a Arif was a sub priest in the Coptic religion.

(Lionel Fanthorpe Co-Author of Oak Island Mystery)
Harry Marshal who helped to carry the stone out of the shaft said it wasn't like anything he ever seen in Nova Scotia, in fact he thought it was a form of Porfori, not very common but you can find it in Egypt.

(News Narrator)
Is it really possible that Egyptians reached North America in the distant past, how did this kind of rare rock found almost exclusively in Egypt' find it's way to Oak Island and into this enigmatic pit, the questions without answers keep mounting but it's only now the Mystery of the island really begins. THE END

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