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Monday, May 10, 2010


First Nations - Canada, during the travels in my life I have always thought of me being in somewhat of an adventure. However, life is never action packed & full of adventure like in the movies, I can also recall there was also drama injected as well into my intiguing travel excursions, then again whats an adventure without a story line, and a rather original unique story like a native treasure hunter (slash) explorer, I am the first to be of this intersting status.

It would be wishful thinking if someones life was as equal as to 24's jack Bauer's action packed character. Its the quiet moments in life that seems like boring times. I myself take these idled times in my life to reflect on my prior on goings. Never the less its a good time to put things in categorized perspectives.

Am I treasure hunter, or a nomadic traveler or perhaps I am just maybe a everyday joe blow? I usually perceive myself as a explorer of many interesting areas of adventure that had come before me, as I motioned forward in life, in all its my noteworthy travel investigations this is what gives (gave) my opinions and theories extra attention, and I have my previous well publicized across canada adventure to thank for all that. As I believe that my canadian first nations native indian life journaled about my life's journey - it will be a intriguing story worth reading or portraying soon, or maybe it'll be a journeyer story that will be remembered and retold long after I am gone - back into the spirit world - one day.
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- keith Ranville

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