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Sunday, May 09, 2010


[CNN] Canadian Native News - A whale in vancouver b.c's harbor why? maybe it knows something we don't know? Seahorse image discovered in vancouver's land mass may explain reason why a grey whale would even come into a vancouver's harbor, after all its not like there is anything healthy to eat in the polluted vancouver waters.

This mysterious grey whale that entered and moored in the false creek harbor of vancouver, not once but twice, could the grey whale be in the vancouver waters in protest or delivering us a message? I don't think the whale was in the vancouver waters to have a snack, we as humans won't eat food from the vancouver port waters ourselves. And this seahorse image that I discovered from first nations research may hold a clue to why such a large sea animal would have curiosity to visit vancouver city?

As a first nations man I have always believed there was (is) something mystical about vancouver b.c, this is a sacred area that I believe why a grey whale would curio the big smoke (Vancouver City) so fearlessly.

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