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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


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The Oak island stone triangle does seems like it was made by a Mayan Culture or (Mesoamerica) by examining the oak island stone triangle and its cipher to a pyramid it perceives stealth in length if you view the pyramids in south America they are very similar to the Oak island stone triangle cipher of a pyramid. The Mayan Mathematics were above equivalent to many cultures. A king was found beneath in a pyramid in South America he had a jade mask, this King is believed to be a important part to (arm chair) archaeologist, but no real treasure was found in the pyramid tomb. I believe that this king had knowledge that was in his hands? What this King had was a round stone in one hand and a square block stone in the other hand and the jade mask was for his unvailment of him in his new life. I believe these possessions was all this Mayan King needed to travel into his next life to where his worldly possessions are awaitting for him.

The Oak Island stone triangle cipher is based on square and circle could this method of cipher' be the same as this Mayan Kings knowledge that he had in hand to travel into his next life। The new simplistic translation of the Oak Island stone triangle does have the same square and circle philosophy। The Mayan Mathematics is thought to be based on proportions or a universal unfounded equation, the Oak Island stone triangle looks to have a Mayan connection as well, this famous Birch Island triangle can hold the secret knowledge to forgotten ancient civilizations.

It would be hard for me to think that these South American Mesoamerican cultures that had knowledge of the stars, calendar and the alignment of the suns winters and summer highest points long before the Europeans believed the world was flat to believe they had no means to travel long distance? Geez these South American culture’s built phenomenal large Egyptian style Pyramids easier than ant hills and had water running up hill with water pressure also they had a city built on a lake or on wetlands navigating through any Atlantis aquatics would be a stone through for the Mesoamericans to elude the Spanish conqueror Cortez that marched on there cities and conquered them with brutal tatics by using hostages of royal of Kings ect.

Time to travel The Mesoamerican believed in prophecy and believed the sun guided them and they made life sacrifices rituals in belief it would please the sun gods. There must have been some thing to there rituals visions they new when to get going when the going was good, this does sound like the Templar situation they new when to get the heck out of Europe and there elusive exodus was mysteriously unknown to where? This is the same with the Mesoamerican culture there are similarities in these events of these mysterious cultures.

How could of the Templars have crossed the Atlantic when the world was believed to be flat and how could the Mesoamericans travel north up the Atlantic sea board to a cold climate-isolated Island, but these journeys may have been made for a unification of spiritual treasures for reasons unknown or for a salvation to what they had in covenant. Nothing seemed easy for them or for someone that was for them, hopefully they can find salvation with today’s civilizations with our technologies and they’re not so primitive knowledge, which would be an ultimate unification that may serve us well.


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