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Friday, October 26, 2007



Friday News October 25, 2007—Series of Oak Island treasure theories amazingly make to the table these days from avidly forwarded new information built off known Oak Island clues it does seem Da Vinci code like, by the re-examining of the Oak Island stone triangle it opened new viable plausibility’s on solving this treasure mystery.

Treasure hunting is about seeking bullion stash to some treasure hunters this is where the professional academics don’t see treasure hunting as a legitimate real professional field there is no Oak Island treasure hunting sanctions or guidelines to follow, treasure hunting is un-orthodox as to NASA to the S.E.T.I program yet millions get funded into the search for extraterrestrial life and nothing gets put into treasure hunting I am not saying S.E.T.I is not a worthy cause but if what may be discovered about our past could maybe effect our future then the search for our origins is equally important as to find other life on other worlds, if not more important to us.

Theories for possible suspects to my Oak Island Da Vinci code ciphers is plausible and it adds to my unique concepts discoveries, treasure hunting would be boring if you couldn’t add your personal label to your own treasure hunting discoveries with your own personal beliefs as who maybe responsible for the Oak Island treasure mystery that I am in subject too as a researcher people don’t really understand the meaning of being a researcher it means a person that re looks this is what I do very well I do things until I get it right or come up with five ideas and brainstorm them and then so on?

W hat is the main technique that I do is that I study at night until I get drowsy and fall a sleep in the morning as I start my day ideas pop in my head right out of the blue I quickly jot them down the ideas are maybe not be what I was working on that night before it maybe from a couple nights before that never the less its from the same technique dreams is just a bigger field area to solve problems you can say my ciphers were derived from another world this is what makes my work so appealing to many people everyone dreams, many people have the same abilities as I do this is why so many people can identify with the logic of my ciphers.

I was always fascinated with Edgar Cayce the sleeping prophet and how he would look for answers in his sleep and how he believed he lived before even to the point he thought he was a Atlantis citizen. I also believe I was in Nova Scotia in another life as I was in the Mahone bay N.S area I often had the feeling I was there before like a Deja Vu feeling ever so often the peoples characteristics in Nova Scotia seemed so familiar to me I believe people keep heritage with them weather they are aware of it or not if I was going to get any answers to this treasure mystery I had to have to get to know people in the Nova Scotia area doing that was very helpful to my research when you are in Rome you do as the Romans and that I did I meet so many people when I was in Nova Scotia I feel my spirit is still out there now that I am back home in Vancouver and safe travel has certainly been my teacher I cant believe I accomplished so much in so little time there seems like I had a guardian looking out over me on my journey's I put a lot in to this mystery and I do not expect anything back notoriety for my work is all I ask, Black Beard once said all he wanted was to be remembered and that he was unfortunately he lost his head in his quest.

By looking at my discoveries there is something there worth investigating further I still need to do things to confirm my research I like discussing my research to people and to tell it like it is I am getting a bigger audience these days hopefully the right people will come along soon and help me, then I could speed up this treasure hunting process my work is not done if I was to explain things what is happening now two years ago about my research it could not be understood this is why I did it in lessons to this point the people that were responsible for this Oak Island treasure mystery were extremely intelligent they encrypted the Oak Island secrets in lessons so the right person could solve it not someone or people with alternative motives.
to be continued…


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