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Friday, August 31, 2007


Author Keith Ranvlle
Oak Island Decipherment news
Recently I have been disclosing Oak Island research information from my personal across Canada expedition. The Oak Island stone triangle was always thought to me to be the key to solving this treasure mystery, the triangles dividing stone line through the off center Oak Island stone triangle was direction north/south, my decipherment of this mysterious triangle was based on 19.5 degrees north to west from the bottom of the stone line at the circular bottom of this stone triangle, the usage of a square and compass help me decipher this Oak Island famous stone triangle puzzle even though my work is under rated but I am sure in the long run my work will be appreciated because I know am on to something grand.

The mystic designers of this Oak Island set up, purposely left this stone triangle un-finished as a message for reasons of lessons to be learned this Oak Island mystery is far to complex for the comprehension of it's meaning to be learn of it’s going on’s to be explain straight out for the reason's because of it's design, this set-up is a very in genius work of genius. Understanding this Oak Island mystery has been quite the task and one heck of a adventure, this stone triangle was missing one equation and that was 19.5 give or take because the triangle was aligned with stones so accuracy varied never the less I began at 19.5 and I believe it has some significance to the triangle pyramid theory I developed. The stone triangle that was thought to be aligned north/south it's really aligned 19.5 north/west according to my decipherment of the stone triangle.

19.5 degrees has been associated with many world mysteries, could Oak Island hold the answer to these unsolved mysteries, the planets in our solar system have significant energy anomaly spots in the area of 19.5 degrees even here on earth certain areas around 19.5 degrees are somewhat dormant/active volcanic area’s, it is also believed the Mars Pathfinder landed at 19.5 degrees latitude on Mars on July 4,'1997.

The jury is still out weather there is formations on mars at 19.5 degrees or not but I am open to all possibilities when it comes to mysteries because I am investigating a mystery but I am keeping things down to earth for now because this is where the answers are. This 19.5 degrees seems to be a energy area point around the world and to some planets in our solar system, the makers of this well documented Oak Island stone triangle may have very well have known the secrets to these planetary energy anomalies, this Oak Island mystery is much bigger than a physical treasure it’s more like a treasure tree of knowledge my quest to solve this mystery is branching out towards the true nature of what this mystery is all about.

Oak Island is a mystery that I have work very hard to solve and alone with no help from any funding grants ect.. But if there is anyone that has any idea's to help me to continue my research through corporate/private business funding that will be very much appreciated no personal donations please, although I could use all the help I can get' but thanks anyways my Geometry kit is no longer resourceful enough to continue my studies on the Oak Island treasure mystery.

Birch Island Treasure Triangle holds the secrets to our universe


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