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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The great purification is near? hopi prophecy rock describes that we’re on our way into the spiral blue star soon.

As, I interpretated the hopi prophecy stone it now tells me that the time is very near for some to leave this planet up into the heavens or the blue star light great spiral.

Underground bunkers will have no shelter from the great purification the great spiral light bridge is the only means of surviving the great purification to come,

the evil's of man will be judged even in the hideous depths of mother earth. Maybe that's why the denver airport has demons popping out of luggage's bizarrely and such signs, these evil hideous images in denvers freemason bunker airport are telling you something perhaps they are giving you a choice between good and evil?

The jagged road at the end of the prophecy rock is the way up to the great hopi blue star. I or someone is tethered at the bottom of the hopi prophecy rock that has hands in both worlds.

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