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Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Knights Templar Mexicans? native theory says that the Templar's sailed to mayan civilization tikal vial Roslyn nova scotia mason evidence explains such an_ exploration_to_the new_world in_ the_Precolumbia era was_possible. [New Blogger]

Roslyn chapel image of a Guatemalan tikal mayan ruine in its stone mason work? The Mexican drug crime cartel just maybe on to something or they maybe in possession of some ritual knights templar artifacts evidence that was left in a old lost knights templar tomb from there plausible exploration of the new world days, if so then my theory it may solve the whereabouts of the knights Templar's finale known place or my theory maya rewrite history.


Roslyn mayan connection

Knights templar in the new world

CNN knights templars used in modern day criminal activities

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