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Friday, January 22, 2010

The Keith Ranville Effect

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End of Days, 2012 what could happen 2012, 21, 12 could the earth self destruct? this planet is having more than usual natural disasters lately? The mayan calendar ends in 2012? is earth on a cosmic new cycle or a ending? There is so many questions to be answered.

A theory That I believe that may happen to planet earth in time and not necessary on 2012, is that this planet may slow or speed up or half shift being europe and the americas as north and south poles. My theory goes back to when north america and europe was one continent. Its the end of the continental drift over the millenniums that may cause earth to re-course itself?

The continental drift can go only so far around earth, earths gravitation pull will only allow the two continents to drift par to opposite ends of the earth of each other. This may begin a magnet effect between the large two land masses; like a electric motor with two magnets twirling a turbine. I don't think its possible that the two continents will re-connect all the way around earth-back to each other, due to gravity?

When this happens to the western and eastern continents this will be a end of a earths cycle? We may be just getting into this window when it may take place?

-Keith Ranville

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