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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

666 Triangle

Could satan himself be hiding in the labyrinths of oak islands treasure mystery 666 mark of the beast encoded? 6 are already dead from pursuing this lost treasure. The oak island triangle found south of the famous money pit near to the beach front, this oak island triangle was recorded to be made out of stone beach rocks in a triangulation of a equilateral pattern of 10’ feet by 10 feet by 10 feet, pointing in direction towards the north star with the bottom of the stone triangle having a external round bottom arching about 3 feet south from the stone triangle making the oak island stone triangle resembling a sextant. What makes this oak island stone triangle so interesting is there was a apex stone line equating the stone triangle north to south dividing the stone triangle at 4’ feet west / 6’ feet east.

Oak Island Stone Triangle

The theory to the oak island stone triangle is it is a look into uncovering oak islands secrets and the numerals 666 is the key to solving oak island. Within reasoning the oak island stone triangle protrudes at an angle view of a pyramid with a inner smaller pyramid of its same character in-which resembles the great pyramids of Egypt. Many theories have been associated to the number 666 from the mark of the beast to something else evil, even pirate blackbeard boasted-he quoted something like' that his plundering spoils was hidden to where satan himself could only find it, (conspiracy) this 666 number could also be religious propaganda conjured by religion to hide the true meaning behind the truth to where religion originated from?

Oak Island is a very mysterious place, but this triangle theory of mine does put oak island in a logical perspective and it shows promise in finally solving this 200+ year treasure hunting inbogglement. My canadian native research is the real da vinci code this birch island triangle will ultimate be the answer to oak the island code.



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