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Thursday, December 18, 2008


As the oak island mystery boiling-downs' steeps, with a blend of a first nations enthusiasm' I can't help not to daily reflect on the 1795 treasure tale- the aprox time the oak island legacy began. While' sitting at home on a winters day, pondering on the many aspects of oak island; while sipping on hot cocoa' taking in the oak island treasure story with suttle's of grandeur, followed with a taste of humor; but' I notice, the oak island kool-aid gets sweeter, with the dramatic twisting of the tale. There is no laws that gravitates the different versions of the oak island story, just' to one truth, the paper wears thin, in providing a actual document' proving the tale is even real, this is one of the reasons, why I decided to get to bottom of this money pit, verbally.

Could this be a religion, the preaching of oak island has become big business, messiahing with this treasure story' may get you crucified, mentally; this is why I view the whole story, with one eye-brow raised? with a little bit of scrutiny. This is also why I am not much well versed in the treasure story, working on anchored oak island evidence is somewhere' that you would find me loitering. The oak island research files of mine, relies on factual clues, for' exception of the controversial money pit chat stone. The simple evidence, is what grounds the oak island mystery, this is what really churches the treasure story.

The oak island explanation is in many books, websites, chat-rooms, and its not, so much what is said about the treasure mystery, its who says it, and where its said. Well' for instance, my oak island theory is published on many websites and media newspapers, this is why I began this investigative journal. Informal oak island books , they don't have the real time transparency, that what oak island offers, capturing the oak island experience, starts with humanizing the mystery. For me saying that, When I became involved in this mystery, oak island was not that popular in the media, the mystery needed a angle, this is something I provided. The birch island triangle theory, it has grown to run viral among the best of us, and then some.

Keeping the coal in the oak island furnace is quite the challenge, creating a better mousetrap to attract attention to your new theory idea? The buzz is greater that sting, this is all swell if it was lucrative, forecasting the oak island direction in leadership, doesn't pay close to well, for me not at all. So' what keeps the motivation going, I believe in what I am doing, that' in time this triangle theory of mine, will amaze the world. Now' that this oak island treasure mystery has changed direction' and I don't want to change oak island, anymore than I want to change the meaning of Christmas. Oak Island is just fine the way it is, I am just opening a new chapter to this mystery, by simpling adding logic, nothing more.

But, the oak island skull stone, adds mystery to oak island, how I know this, its a talking stone, in' swirls of pictograms, it interprets a story of a devious looking man with a hook and a screwed eye, with a smiley girl with a crown, a man' blindly pointing in a direction to where the treasure is, also there is a image of the back of a large sail ship. The oak island skull stone cloaked pirate, is a scarecrow, the oak island ghost dog shape-shifts from a purky puppy to a muscled vicious fanged dog, that is as large as a small pony. The picture taken of the oak island skull stone, captured the vortexual spirits involved in this treasure mystery.
This' may all sound imaginative, but its scribed in the oak island skull-stone and its the real truth about oak island, perhaps' its not told so much in tale, but' a new stone-to-story version of the oak island story, that could be understood intrigingly by the most adventurous oak island inquirers. What' is attracting people to oak island, is clever haunting spirits, there the cause of the oak island; deathly confusion and despair diversions, get past the spirits, get the treasure! This may sound simple, once you get past this threshold, this is only the beginning. I myself' ignored these distractive spirits and the never ending oak island story, and went to straight to the treasure site “da vinci” code like.

The Birch Island Treasure Triangle, will make you a believer! Visiting Nova Scotia's oak island mystery without learning about the birch island treasure triangle, would be like' touring Egypt and ignoring the great pyramids of Giza.

First Nations Story Teller,
Keith Ranville

Canadian Cree First Nations Leading Oak Island Treasure Hunter/Researcher

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