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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Treasure News
Five years ago Oak Island senior treasure hunter Mr. Dan Blankenship gave a announcement to the press and stated that he believed he solved the treasure mystery. Mr. Blankenship explained to the press that he had proof of a cache of 16th century Spanish treasure of gold and silver that is concealed in the thirty two hectare Oak Island's labyrinth.

Mr. Blankenship has being searching for the Oak Island treasure for 43 years, longer than the time that I've been on this earth. What makes this Mr. Blankenship's 2008 summer treasure hunting attemped is not so much of finding treasure to me, it is the evidence that might be procured that I have interest in. But I or we will probably will never know what clues that would be discovered in this next Blankenship drilling sequel or from earlier digs. Oak Island treasure hunting information is not realitivly shared & recorded like professional academic excavators, this may be the reason why the Halifax Herald-Chronicle or article calls Oak Island one of the biggest bungled treasure hunt's in recorded history.

I can identify with that bungled remark by the press' I have done my best to break this secrecy stigma by disclosing my research to the open public this relieves some of the the trivial bungled trait business that Oak Island treasure hunters have the reputation for having from the press. The truth of the matter is that Oak Island may never be solved until the way evidence is handled is changed. This whole treasure mystery could of being solved or put to rest a long time ago given that the evidence was pooled together and documented rather than taken to the grave or mysteriously lost; this diverse Oak Island secrecy falls forward the treasure mystery further into lore, this is what gives Oak Island controversy & disinterest to advid mystery solver's.
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