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Saturday, February 16, 2008


First Nations History
We Were Not the Savages is a history of the near demise, caused by the European invasion of the Americas, of ancient democratic North American First Nations; with special focus on the Mi'kmaq, from a Mi'kmaq perspective. Although other European Nations, Spain for instance, were in on the slaughter this history relates in detail the actions of only one, Great Britain.

In Great Britain's case it isn't hard to prove culpability because British colonial officials, while representing the Crown, recorded in minute detail the horrors they committed. When reading their records one often gets the impression that they were proud of the barbarous crimes against humanity that they had committed in their brutal efforts to disposes the sovereign First Nations Peoples of their properties by exterminating them. From my knowledge of what they did I can, without fear of contradiction from men and women of good conscience, use the term monstrous to describe it.

That they worked without conscience to cleanse the land of its rightful owners is verified by the horrific methods they used in the process. The truth of this, as previously stated, is attested too by their own records, which give minute details of what and how they did it. A sample of the horrors used: bounties for human scalps, massacre, starvation and germ warfare. These cruel methods of destruction were so effective that the British came close to realizing their cleansing goal. All North American civilizations under their occupation were badly damaged, many eliminated, and close to 95% of the people exterminated.

In fact, after reviewing the horrific barbarities that the European invaders subjected First Nations citizens too, one finds it almost impossible to comprehend how any survived. That some North American First Nations Peoples did survive the best efforts of their tormentors to exterminate them, 1497 to 1850s, and then from the mid-1800s to the mid-1900s a malnutrition existence under the rule of Canada and the United States, is a testament to the tenacious courage and faith in the Great Spirit of our ancestors.

Today, although starvation and malnutrition have been mostly eliminated, the systemic racism instilled in the majority of Caucasians by colonial demonizing propaganda about our ancestors, which depicts them as the ultimate sub-human savage, is still widespread. This is witnessed by the level of discrimination still suffered, which is a very heavy burden for our Peoples to try to overcome.

Interestingly, although both claim to be compassionate countries with justice for all as a core value, Canada and the United States are not making any viable effort to substitute demonizing colonial propaganda with the truth. This is why I wrote We Were Not the Savages, my small effort to air as much of the truth as possible. Daniel N. Paul
Personal Notes
I had the opportunity to meet Daniel N. Paul while on my Nova Scotia journey. While meeting with Mr. Daniel N. Paul it was surely inspiring to me and for my First Nations Oak Island research. I again was recently in contact with Mr. Daniel N. Paul or he asked that I call him Danny. I explained to Danny that my triangle theory is getting well-known world wide' since our last conversation 2005. I told Danny that I was very close towards uncovering the secrets of the famous Oak Island treasure enigma. Danny was optimistic about me solving this treasure mystery he said; However, if the truth be known, I don't really think that there are too many who want the mystery solved, to big of a tourist attraction. I believe what Danny was saying' on many levels, but the momentum of inquirring people & supporters that host my work' this gives my quest inspired reason to continue resolving this 213 year old Oak Island treasure mystery.

Every Oak Island reader should read many aspect's of the history of Nova Scotia that Daniel N. Paul offers in published books.
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