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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sir Francis Bacon's Watermark Secret Cipher


New: Oak Island Secret Treasure CipherRecently Mr. Ranville made it known of a translation of a watermark cipher that he broken down from top to bottom descriptively, while Mr. Ranville was investigating the Oak Island treasure mystery’ he came across a watermark in a book the Oak Island Mystery by the Fanthorpes. The theory of Sir Francis Bacon and his relation to Oak Island is not relatively new, many books on Oak Island mention Sir Francis Bacon as contender of who? As a possible suspect that he may have involvement in the Oak Island treasure mystery that is now in it’s 212th year of many searches for the trophy treasure that past treasure hunters failed to grasp. Perhaps with more advanced treasure-hunting equipment and exploring Mr. Ranville’s Oak islands research concepts will give us a better understanding of this enigma. It is said Sir Francis Bacons personal writings were and preserved in mercury and hidden some where in the Oak Island treasure mystery?Keith Ranville a Canadian First Nations Native, is known for his translation’s of the Oak Island Money pit symbols, and for his newly discovery the Birch Island triangle.Mr. Ranville explains his theory in diagrams:
Oak Island Research--Baconian Watermark

There is no absolutely evidence that Mr. Bacon set foot on Oak Island but new cipher information may differ that claim, I am going by the books written by Oak Island Authors that mention Oak Island as Sir Francis Bacon as a suspect as a person of interest? I never invented Mr. Bacon as a suspect? I am just examining the evidence provided by the books put forward' and I zeroed in on something that looked to be cryptic. Remember I never mentioned this watermark as an Oak Island connection originally' I only elaborated on it.... it was put forward to me in published diagrams & text? I am sorry if this confuses anyone otherwise; Oak Island is a mystery of missing clues that is controversial in many aspects, due to pass treasure seekers, not thinking of research people in the future that never thought the evidence they had could significantly answer so many questions?I wish I could of answer everyone more directly about the watermark, its all explained in diagrams and the watermark seems to co-relate to my theory evidence in regards of the Oak Island stone triangle the rectangle and it’s where abouts of a triangle ie (Birch Island Triangle) that was inscribed on it!Links:

Note:Sir Francis Bacon freemason InformationRegarding Sir Francis Bacon--yes, he was a known Freemason and was instrumental in important changes to Masonry, through the London Lodge. He was also, however, a 17th Century leader of Rosicrucians, of the specificic Rosicrucian tradition.Sincerely


Referance Letters

Steve Zou, P.Eng.,Ph.D.Minning Engineer
Dec 1, 2005

To whom it may concern:Re: Mr. Ranville's discovery of the Oak Island MysteryLast week, Mr. Keith Ranville came to see me in my office and provided adocument regarding his discovery of the Oak Island Treasure Mystery. He made a Presentation and explained his Findings.I found that his interpretation of the inscription carved on the stone discovered in 1803 isvery different from others. I believe that his translation has some logic and is reasonable to certain degrees. If his discovery can be proven to be correct, it will have a significant impact on Canada's heritage on the east coast. Therefore I think that his proposed project is worth consideration for support.SincerelySteve Zou, P.Eng.


Bear River First NationP.O. BOX 210 PHONE: (902) 467-3802
BEAR RIVER (902) 467-3803NOVA SCOTIA FAX: (902) 467-4143

October 18, 2005To whom it may concern:Please be advised that Keith Ranville has met with the BEAR RIVER FIRST NATION of Nova Scotia and provided a presentation of his proposed research on Oak Island or Mahone Bay. On behalf of the Bear River First Nation, we support this project in principle and look forward to the progress of this endeavor.

Respectfully,Chief Frank Meuse jr.

Sault Ste. Marie Museum
January 19th, 2006

To Whom It May Concern;In the fall of 2005 Mr. Keith Ranville came to visit the Sault Ste. Marie Museum and provided an explanation of his research and his proposed project to the Museum Director / Curator.On December 29th, 2005 the Museum received a fax from Mr. Ranville asking for a letter of support for his project.The Management Board of Directors of the Sault Ste. Marie Museum was provided with his information package and his request at the regular meeting of January 19th, 2006.On behalf of the Board of Directors, we support this project in principle as it relates to the history of Canada and look forward to further developments which may result.Sincerely,Mr. Bruce E. Pearce, PresidentManagement Board of DirectorsSault Ste. Marie Museum


Sincere Thanks

First Nations Oak Island Researcher

Keith Ranville

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